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High Load High Transmission Efficiency
High Durability Smooth Power Output
Better Adaptability   High Durability

Dc motors test list - we also could design various speed,Torque papameters & dynamic characterics for you if your requirements are not on the following test list.


Planetary Gear Motors is widely used by various of applications, such as Magnetic bike, Coffee machine, Sweeping robot, Vending machine,Game player, Instrument and Appliance, Massage tools, Stage spinning light, Auto shutter, Auto mah-jongg table, Medical equipment. 


 Professional motor customization 

If your needs aren’t listed above, we can also customize specific DC motors according to your needs.




  • Planetary Gear Motors-34PG Series
    • Operating range:DC3V ~24V
    • Allowable Torque kg-cm:1、3、8、15kg-cm
    • Outer diameter of the Motor:φ33mm
    • Outer diameter of the Gearbox:φ35mm

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  • Planetary Gear Motors-48PG Series
    • Operating range:DC3V ~24V
    • Allowable Torque kg-cm:3、7、15、30kg-cm
    • Outer diameter of the Motor:φ38mm
    • Outer diameter of the Gearbox:48mm

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