Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corporation

Hsiang Neng is a professional Micro Motor Manufacturer for Precision DC Motors and Geared Motors.

The applications for DC motors and DC geared motors in various area uses.


As DC Motor, DC Geared Motor, Business Used Motor, Automotive Device Motor and Actuator Motor uses.

Application and Uses of DC Motors and Gearboxes

An intelligent and convenient life makes people have a high-quality life. Of course, behind all kinds of automated equipment is a variety of motors. Hsiang Neng Precision Machinery develops various types of DC motors and DC gearboxes, through speed reducer, controllers, the shape of the shaft to apply in a wide range of commercial, industrial, workout, transportation, production, medical and scientific equipment. HSINENs DC motor and DC gear motor are the global hot-selling products series.

With the development of various technologies, the demand for new electric DC motors is also increasing and the technical requirements are becoming more and more rigorous. Let us walk you through and take a look at the principles of the various motors and their uses around the world.

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Claw Machine|Entertainment Equipment DC Motors

Due to the advent of 5G technology, the demand for automated entertainment equipment has begun to increase. The company has been supplying various types...

Vending Machine DC Gear Motors

Technological advancement is rapidly driving the growth of vending machines and automated convenience stores. From coin vending machines to AI vending...

Commercial Device DC Motors

Hsiang Neng (1987) DC motor manufacturer has established more than 30 years, the launched produces from general household electrical appliances to fitness...

Medical DC Motors

Recently, the various high-tech challenges from advanced medical equipment to nano-scale laboratory research equipment have been continuously improved....

Fitness Equipment DC Motors

Taiwan was ranked as the largest importer of fitness equipment in the USA market by the United States Report in 2018. This trend of fitness has been brewing...

Medium Industrial DC Motors

Taiwan Hsiang Neng Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of DC motors and gearboxes. We have assisted...

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High RPM & Strong Planetary Gear Motors Manufacturer | Hsiang Neng

Located in Taiwan since 1987, Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corporation has been an OEM and ODM DC motor and gearmotor manufacturer. Its main high torque DC motors include, DC motors for dental medical equipment, worm gear DC motors with encoder, dual shaft gearbox, ebike carbon brushed DC motors, robot gear motors, linear actuator motors, treadmill belt grinder motors, miniature planetary gear motors, which are low noise, high torque, long life and high-speed, and are CCC, ROHS, CE, and UL certified.

Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corp. was established in 1987, which is a professional manufacturer of precise DC Gear Motors and DC motors. Which are processed by the advanced imported apparatus and CNC machine, and the semi-auto production ensures the products are stable and qualified reliable.

HSINEN has been providing customers with high-quality DC motors and gearmotors, both with advanced technology and 36 years of experience, HSINEN ensures that each customer's requirements are met.