Planetary Gear Motor

Planetary Gear Reducer, Epicyclic Gear Train Motor,Planetary Gearbox, Planetary Motors Introduction / MIT DC Motors, Motor Gears and Gearboxs with qualified ISO 9001:2015 furthermore certificated TUV, CE and UL.

Planetary Gear Motors by Hsiang Neng DC motor professional manufacturer.

Planetary Gear Motor

Planetary Gear Reducer, Epicyclic Gear Train Motor,Planetary Gearbox, Planetary Motors Introduction

Planetary gear motor (planetary geared motor/epicyclic gear train) is a combination by planetary type gearbox and a DC motor with the features of speed reduction, high transmission efficiency, smooth power output and high torque. The planetary gearbox is a planetary gear, a sun gear and an outer ring gear deceleration, this structure has the functions of shunting, deceleration and multi-tooth meshing to improve the output torque, better adaptability and work efficiency.

Hsiang Neng planetary gearbox of planetary gear motors is available to customize by various application requirements, for instance, Vending machine, Cleaning robot, Coffee machine, Massage tools, Automatic shutter, Coin exchange machine, Currency machine, Claw machine, Pinball, Medical equipment, Automatic mah-jongg table, Adjustable lift table, Airsoft guns, Automatic curtain, Printer, Smart door lock, fitness equipment, Instrument, and Appliance.

Hsiang Neng planetary motor series with the high load, better adaptability, high durability, etc. strong advantages. We insist the 【 High Quality 】 and 【 High Performance 】 in all products, every production process in HSINEN is verified by ISO 9001 and SGS also we have CCC, CE, ROHS, UL certification in our various products, that meets the safety specifications of overseas America, Canada, and the European Union.

◆ We also could design various speed, Torque parameters & dynamic characteristics for you if your requirements are not on the following test list.
◎ Speed (RPM)
◎ Torque
◎ Permanent magnet
◎ Voltage
◎ Shaft
◎ Gearbox / Gear Reducer
◎ Outer diameter (OD)
◎ Horsepower (HP)

Planetary Gear Motor

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Planetary Gearbox Series Outer Diameter Φ 20 - 22mm - Gear reducer in planetary type can plus DC motors with encoder or controller.
Planetary Gearbox Series Outer Diameter Φ 20 - 22mm

Planetary gear box 20 - 22mm series designed for high torque requirements to use, in addition,...

Planetary Speed Reducer in Φ 34-35mm - 30-35 mm planetary gear reducer can extra encoder and controller.
Planetary Speed Reducer in Φ 34-35mm

Planetary gear reducer HN34PG series / multi-tooth meshing planetary gearbox can be used with...

48mm OD Planetary Gearbox Series - MIT special planetary type gear motor able to add various DC motors and encoders.
48mm OD Planetary Gearbox Series

Planetary HN48PG speed reducer series for large output torque requirement user, the allowable...

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Planetary Gear Motor Supply | HSINEN

Based in Taiwan, Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corporation is a Planetary Gear Motor manufacturer who's an expert in providing gearboxes (motor speed reducer) and DC motors since 1987.

Low noise, high torque, long life and high-speed with certifications from CCC, ROHS, CE, and UL, HSINEN's DC geared motors meet international safety standards. DC motors and gear motors are built with imported apparatus and machinery, and the semi-automated production ensures the products are stable and high quality.

HSINEN has been offering customers high quality DC motors and gear motors, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, HSINEN ensures each customer's demands are met.