DC geared motor, DC planetary geared motor, DC mini motor, DC large-sized motor, DC motor for treadmills as well as linear actuator Motors and Gear Reducers. 

gear reducer,DC Gear Motor,Planetary Gear Motors,Micro & Middle Motors,Linear actuator Motors,3HP Treadmill Motors.

We supply various DC motor, which are wildly used in the Vending machine, Cleaning robot, Coffee machine, Massage tools, Automatic shutter, Automatic mah-jongg table, Adjustable lift table, Airsoft guns, Automatic curtain, Printer, Coin exchange machine, Currency machine, Claw machine, Pinball, Medical equipment, Smart door lock, fitness equipment, Instrument and Appliance, etc. 


Besides, our professional R&D team is capable of designing and producing specific DC motor according to customers' requirements, welcome customers to custom the desired motor here.


Professional motor customization 

If your needs aren’t listed above, we can also customize specific DC motors according to your needs.

Apart from the varieties of DC motor, we can also custom specific DC motor for customers, as far as the DC geared motor concerned; an excellent DC geared motor is composed of excellent DC motor and gearbox. 

The process of Hsiang Neng DC gear motors professional motor customization

We can customize the motor parameters to suit your application needs, depending on your needs:  

Speed (RPM), Torque, Permanent magnet, Voltage, Shaft, Gearbox, Outer diameter (OD), Horsepower (HP), and functionality to fit your product's characterization needs.


Therefore, further to meet customers' requirements on the diversified products, we invested both brains and expenses to introduce most updated software and hardware as well as professional design to develop fine and competitive products, we are confident that our motor will facilitate your machine and help you to meet the competition and make more profits.


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