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Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corp. was established in 1987, which is a professional manufacturer of precise DC Gear Motors and DC motors. So far, we are mainly in the line of DC geared motor, DC planetary geared motor, DC mini motor, DC large-sized motor as well as DC motor for treadmills, linear actuators and Gearbox...etc; which are processed by the advanced imported apparatus and machine, and the semi-auto production ensures the products are stable and qualified; in addition, the R&D and Q.C. department will strictly keep the whole processing under control, bringing out qualified and competitive DC motor.


Meanwhile, we regularly hold on-the-job-training and e-commerce for our employees so as to improve our service and bring more contentment to customers when they choose our DC motor.


◆◇Product Specification:
We customize various high-quality DC motors, DC gear motors, Linear Actuator motors, Treadmill motors, Worm Gearbox.jpg

  Precision DC Gear Motors
  DC Motors
  Planetary Gear Motors
  Micro Motors
  Worm Gear Motors
  Treadmill Motors
  Linear Actuator Motors
  GearBox/Gear Reducer Design and produce specific motor.