Commercial Device DC Motors

HSINEN motor in commercial equipment, lifting table, automatic door.

HSINEN motor in commercial equipment, lifting table, automatic door.

Commercial Device DC Motors

Applicable Product Categories Include DC Motor, Carbon Brush Motor, Gearbox

Hsiang Neng (1987) DC motor manufacturer has established more than 30 years, the launched produces from general household electrical appliances to fitness equipment and looking for a better world filled with smart and automated devices by using our DC motors.

Because of the economic environment developing, the market needs of housing use and business equipment also increasing, from housing use, convenience stores, mobile vendors, youth entrepreneurial small dining carts, mobile pickups, various commercial business premises to office equipment can see the traces of HSINEN products.

Homelife Motor Demand

In recent years, the Internet service has generally led to the rise of smart home appliances, using the sensor, Bluetooth or WIFI receiving mechanism, and APP control to achieve the intelligent performance of home appliances. What is needed behind these automation implementations need DC motors to be operated, such as automatic curtains, electronic door locks, electric shutter doors, automatic system cabinets, automatic smoke evacuation systems, sewing machines, fans, weeders, sweeping robots, solar panels, smart coffee machines, security systems, massage chairs, lifting beds and even the equipment for the home of the automatic pet feeders, smart cats, pet interactive robots, etc.

Business Equipment Motor Demand

Currently, e-commerce became the megatrend, many one-person companies are started sunning in the markets, however, the demand for various business equipment has not decreased, such as office lifting tables, office lifting chairs, automatic briefing equipment, projection equipment, business robots, coffee machines, automatic pencil sharpeners, massage equipment, photocopying machines, electric shutters, electronic locks, automatic gates, automatic money counters, etc. these are getting pursue the ergonomics and greater health way.

Following the rise of the night market economy and the trend of young people's entrepreneurship in the hometown, the demand for commercial equipment motors for various small business cars and small vendors has also increased, such as automatic currency counters, drink shaking machines, beverage sealers, mobile vendors, mobile dining cars, rotating projectors, mobile coffee machines and other entrepreneurial equipment.

Commercial Device Motors-use

Hsiang Neng DC Motor constantly accepts various new challenges, and through its own internal industry upgrade and continuous integration of business models, it has its own international competitive advantage. If you have better products or business ideas, please use the free Hsiang Neng motor technical advisory service. With the most professional RD team to assist you in production problems, please contact us immediately!

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Precise DC Gear Motors & DC Motors Supply | HSINEN

Based in Taiwan, Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corporation is a DC Gear Motors & DC Motors manufacturer who's an expert in providing gearboxes (motor speed reducer) and DC motors since 1987.

DC motors and gear motors are built with imported apparatus and machinery, and the semi-automated production ensures the products are stable and high quality. Low noise, high torque, long life and high-speed with certifications from CCC, ROHS, CE, and UL, HSINEN's DC geared motors meet international safety standards.

HSINEN has been offering customers high quality DC motors and gear motors, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, HSINEN ensures each customer's demands are met.