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DC motors / Micro & Middle Size DC Motors 

DC Motor is a class of rotary electrical machine, which driven by direct current (DC) electrical energy. The most common types rely on the forces produced by magnetic fields (permanent magnet), that converts direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy.   


Easy installation Faster motor speed
Easy to control the speed High starting torque

Hsiang Neng DC motor series 100% MIT, our DC motors with Easy installation, High motor speed, Easy to control the RPM, Low noise, High starting torque, Long life-span and other advantages, we can customize the micro DC motors with different parameters to fit your application needs, depending on your demands.


DC motor can add the controller or gearbox to customize by various application requirements, e.g. Handle tools, Cleaning robot, Scientific toys, Coffee machine, Massage tools, Automatic shutter, Cleaner robot, Lab equipment, Coin exchange machine, Currency machine, Claw machine, Pinball, Medical equipment, Adjustable lift table, Airsoft guns, Automatic curtain, Printer,  Smart door lock, fitness equipment, Vending machine...etc. 


Professional motor customization 

If your needs aren’t listed above, we can also customize specific DC motors according to your needs.