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DC Gear Motors / DC Geared Motors

DC gear motor is a combination of DC motor plus a gearbox (motor reducer) in order to reduce the speed (RPM) of the motor, with a corresponding increase in torque.

Gear Box / Gear Reducer

Gearboxes are used in a variety of devices such as Worm gearbox/ Dual shaft gearbox/ Micro gearbox/ Planetary gearbox/ Spur gearbox/ Helical gearbox/ Bevel gearbox. All can modify their torque, RPM,  and other specification to convert the energy into a useable format.


High Performance Low Energy Consumption
Low Noise Small Vibration Custom Performance

All Hsiang Neng DC gear motor series are developed and designed by our R&D team and strictly QC control to ensure all products with High output performance, Long life-span, Low energy consumption, Low noise, and Small vibration advantages. We can customize the motor parameters to suit your application needs, depending on your needs.


The gearboxes of DC gear motor are available to customize by various application needs, that made the application of DC gear motors more wildly such as Vending machine, Cleaner robot, Coffee maker, Experiment equipment, Massage tools, Automatic shutter, Automatic mah-jongg table, Adjustable lift table, Airsoft guns, Automatic curtain, Printer, Coin exchange machine, Currency machine, Claw machine, Pinball, Medical equipment, Smart door lock, fitness equipment, Instrument and Appliance.  


Professional motor customization 

If your needs aren’t listed above, we can also customize specific DC motors according to your needs.

  • Geared Motor-HN22GB|Gear Reducer manufacturer
    • Operating range:DC3V ~24V
    • Allowable Torque kg-cm:0.2、0.3、0.4、0.8kg-cm
    • Outer diameter of the Motor:φ21mm
    • Outer diameter of the Gearbox:φ21.5mm
  • DC gear motors factory|HN27GMA HSINEN Motor Gears
    • Operating range:DC3V ~24V
    • Allowable Torque kg-cm:0.5、0.7、1、2kg-cm
    • Outer diameter of the Motor:φ24.3mm
    • Outer diameter of the Gearbox:φ27mm
  • DC Gear Motors -27GB HSINEN | Taiwan geared motors suppliers
    • Operating range:DC3V ~24V
    • Allowable Torque kg-cm:0.15、0.25、0.4、0.8、1.4、2kg-cm
    • Outer diameter of the Motor:φ24.3mm
    • Outer diameter of the Gearbox:φ26.8mm
  • HSINEN - HN30GMA|DC Gear Motors manufacturers
    • Operating range:DC3V ~24V
    • Allowable Torque kg-cm:0.6、1.0、2.5、5、6kg-cm
    • Outer diameter of the Motor:φ29mm
    • Outer diameter of the Gearbox:φ30mm
  • HSINEN DC Gear Motors - HN35GMA | Taiwan gear reducer manufacturer
    • Operating range:DC3V ~24V
    • Allowable Torque kg-cm:0.7、1.0、1.3、2.3、3、4、5、6kg-cm
    • Outer diameter of the Motor:φ34.5mm
    • Outer diameter of the Gearbox:φ37mm
  • HSINEN - DC Gear Motors -HN35GMB | Taiwan motors supplier
    • Operating range:DC3V ~24V
    • Allowable Torque kg-cm:0.7、1、1.3、2.3、3、4、5、6kg-cm
    • Outer diameter of the Motor:φ33mm
    • Outer diameter of the Gearbox :φ37mm